Breakdown of all businesses sold in GA:


51% of all sales are Retail

          of which 58% are restaurant, bars, and other food service

          of which 18% are convenience stores, food stores, liquor, and other markets

          of which 07% are gas stations

          of which 17% (other)

          -100% total-

37% of all sales are Service

          of which 11% are dry cleaners, laundry mats

          of which 15% are physician, dental, health care

          of which 12% are beauty salons & barber shops

          of which 09% are auto repair & lube shops

          of which (53% are diverse mix of misc services)

          -100% total-


04% of all sales are Manufacturing

03% of all sales are Internet

02% of all sales are Wholesale

02% of all sales are Construction

01% (other)

          -100% total-

Our Business Consultants & Brokers are required to have a specialization in your particular business... We do not follow a "one broker does all" approach.

Internet-based firm

Financial Services


Dry Cleaners | Laundry

Gas Stations

Fast-Food Restaurants

Convenience Store

Bar & Lounge

Retail Strip & Shopping Center

Physician | Dental practices

Construction Operations

Car Wash Operation

Salon & Beauty

Auto Repair Center

Quick Lube

Office Building